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Christmas is coming, and lots more too

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Only a week to go to Family Friendly Freaky Friday (click on the link for details).  Please phone us on 01803 862316 to let us know you're coming.

New look menus

We've got smart new menu holders for the Tally, which have room to hold our normal menu, Sunday menu, a wine list with descriptions, and other useful information, including how to buy shares.  We started using them last Tuesday to coincide with the launch of an updated autumn menu.  If you can't wait until your next visit the Main menu, Sunday menu and Wine list are all on our website.

Christmas is coming...

There's lots happening at the Tally in and around December. Have a look at the Christmas is coming... news item to find out more.

Improvements, and more improvements

Lots of changes for the better at the Tally in the last couple of weeks. The chimneys have been cleaned, repaired and re-lined, and a brand new wood burning stove installed in the bar. A fire alarm system has been installed and other changes made to bring us up to scratch on the fire safety front. We've got a lovely new till.  Wonderful volunteers have pointed and painted.  Work has started on making our electrical system conform to modern standards. And there's more to come !

We're paying off the loan

Shares in the Tally Ho are continuing to sell and we've now made enough money from share sales to make a £10,000 repayment to the Architectural Heritage Fund, as a first step in paying back the £100,000 that they've lent us.


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