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Hello subscriber,

This e-mail's going out to supporters of the Tally Ho Inn, Littlehempston.

Things are getting busy again after a little pause over Christmas and the New Year.  We've had a review of our financial projections and realised that now we've agreed a purchase price for the Tally Ho we're not going to need as much money as the £350,000 target that we'd originally set when we launched our share offer last May.  So we've decided to lower our target to £300,000.  The website's been updated to show the new figure, and the bubbling pub-o-meter at the bottom of every page has immediately jumped up.  It's definitely a glass more than half full now !  Lowering the share offer target means that each of our investors now owns a larger share of the Tally Ho too !

We've also extended our share offer again - it now ends on 31st March 2014.  The share prospectus that you can download from our website's Invest page has been updated to show the new target and end date.

We're now working towards a provisional opening date of around the 26th March which would let us get things running fairly smoothly for Mothers' Day on 30th, and very smoothly by Easter on 18th - 21st April.  To achieve that we're aiming to complete the purchase by around the 10th March.  When we do complete the purchase, it'll be all hands to the pump to get the pub ready for opening.  Thanks to all those of you who responded to the Christmas e-mail with offers of help - but there's room for plenty more volunteers !  Just reply to this e-mail if you'd like to help, and let us know if you've got any specialist skills that would be useful.

Finally, we're about to start advertising for the two key staff that we'll need - the Landlord or Landlady, and the Chef.  We hope to have adverts on our website very soon, so if you know anyone who you think might be interested, please point them in our direction.  Or if you fancy applying yourself, you know what to do - get in touch !


Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd.

PS - If you want to get in touch with us, just reply to this e-mail, use the contact form or phone Mike Thomas on 01803 865058. Do you know anybody else who would like to receive these newsletters? Tell them they can sign up online by clicking on Get Rally Round the Tally update e-mails in the Contact menu of www.tallyhoinn.co.uk.