Rally Round the Tally


The first 100 shares have been sold !

Hello subscriber,

The Pub-O-Meter on our website reached £102,000 today !  That means 102 shares in Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd. have been sold to 35 shareholders - the current members of LCPL.  Applications have been coming in thick and fast this week following the Investors' Meeting in Littlehempston Church last Tuesday.

The Investors' Meeting went well, with some 40-50 people attending and enjoying beer from Dartmoor and Teignworthy breweries, cider from nearby Ashridge, and wine and other drinks from Tolchards as well as some tasty nibbles - all free of charge !  Many thanks to those suppliers for supporting our campaign.  The event was a mix of an informal mingling, and a slightly more formal introduction of the management committee, question, answer and suggestion session.  It was great to see so many new faces there.

Did you see the Tally Ho on BBC Spotlight last Monday ?  If you missed it, you can catch the item again on our Press Cuttings page.  Spotlight got permission to film inside the pub, so you can see that it still looks ready to open tomorrow.

The management committee announced on Tuesday that they've decided to extend the share offer.  The closing date is now 10th July.  Applications for over £100,000 worth of shares have been received during the initial six weeks that the offer has been open, but rather than dying out, interest seems to be increasing. We’ve got much better at getting coverage in local media recently as our Press Cuttings page shows, telephone and e-mail enquiries are on the increase, and so are hits on our website.

It’s become clear that the Tally Ho’s reputation is spread far and wide across the South Hams, which is encouraging because that’s a lot of potential investors.  But on the other hand it takes a lot of time and energy to bring our campaign to the attention of so many people, and there’s a real feeling that we’ve only just started.

The committee have chosen to extend the offer to the 10th July because that’s the end of the moratorium that’s been granted under the Community Right to Bid.  Up to the 10th July the Tally Ho can only be sold to a community group, but after that date it can be sold to anyone.  We’re not aware that there’s a buyer waiting to rush in on the 11th July and buy the pub, but it seems sensible for us to try to raise the money by then if we can.

So if you're planning to invest but haven't got round to it yet - please don't leave it much longer.  If you're thinking of investing but would like to know more, or want to speak to somebody face to face or on the telephone - please get in touch (details below).  And if you've already invested, or can't afford to, but would like to help our campaign - please also get in touch to find out what needs doing.

Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd.

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