Terms & Conditions and Legal Statement

You cannot withdraw your application for Shares after your application form has been received. The Management Committee do not have to accept your application for Shares. They may decide not to allocate Shares to you or allocate fewer Shares than you applied for. They do not have to give any reasons for their decision, but will consider applications in the order in which they are received and are likely to accept those who have applied first, so the earlier the application, the more likely it is to be successful.

Littlehempston Community Pub Limited (LCPL) will acknowledge receipt of your subscription monies and application form and may cash your cheque as soon as it is received. LCPL will hold your money on trust for you until the Management Committee have considered your application. Once the Management Committee have issued Shares to you, the money will belong to LCPL.

LCPL will not pay you interest on any money it returns to you, or on the money you send us to buy your Shares.

This offer and any agreement entered into for the subscription of shares in LCPL is governed by the Laws of England & Wales. The courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction. You will be bound by the Rules if Shares are allocated to you.