Enterprise Investment Scheme

The purchase of shares to the value of between £250 and £100,000 may be eligible for income tax relief at 30% of the value of shares purchased, if they are held for at least three years. We have received an Advance Assurance from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) that Littlehempston Community Pub Limited (LCPL) will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme, on the basis of the information that we supplied which included our draft share prospectus and business plan. After we’ve been trading for 4 months, LCPL will issue each eligible investor with the appropriate form (EIS3) to enable them to claim tax relief. It is the responsibility of each investor to make their own enquiries and to satisfy themselves as to their eligibility for such tax relief.

There’s a lot more detailed information available on HMRC’s own website.