Real ales

Autumn Ale (ABV 4.4%)

A refreshing russet coloured beer, medium dry on the palate followed by a lasting malty sweetness on the finish. The perfect way to enjoy an Autumnal day!

Devon Dumpling (ABV 5.1%)

A strong golden beer with a fresh hop character. This ale has a smooth taste with a balanced sweetness throughout. Devonshire through and through!

Gold (ABV 4.3%)

An easy drinking, light golden ale. The unique blend of hops creates lemon citrus overtones which tantalise and refresh the pallet.

Springtime (ABV 4.5%)

This classic English ale is ruby in colour and brewed using local malt and British Brambling Cross hops. The perfect addition to any Spring day!

Summer Ale (ABV 3.9%)

A pale, thirst quenching beer with a crisp citrus hop character. The perfect accompaniment to any summers day!

Topsail (ABV 4.0%)

Launched in June 2010, Topsail is a well balanced beer, deep amber in colour with a subtle sweetness throughout.

Black Tor Brewery
Pride of Dartmoor (ABV 4.0%)

Refreshing, easy drinking and moorish amber ale, biscuit and caramel notes marry with a sweet floral finish. This was the first beer brewed at Black Tor Brewery and remains one of our most popular.

Try This (ABV 4.2%)

Our one off brew to quench the thirst of rugby fans and celebrate the Rugby World Cup 2015 being hosted in England, an easy drinking smooth session bitter with a hoppy finish from all English hops Fuggles and Goldings.

Bude Brewery logo
Haven (ABV 4.2%)

Amber coloured, this easy-drinking session beer is lightly hopped with the classic combination of Cascade and Fuggles, with a New World kick from the late addition of American Chinook hops. A slight toffee taste and very thirst quenching with subtle citrus fruit and elderflower flavours.

Bridgetown Brewery
Bridgetown Bitter (ABV 4.2%)

Mahogany coloured, rich malt and bitter hopped producing a traditional British bitter.
Nice session drink.

Devon Dympsy (ABV 4.0%)

Devon Dympsy has a sumptuous lemony aroma, rounded out with toasted sugars. Poured into the glass the beer reveals an oak honey tone, and its nose develops to encompass tart apple freshness and some light malt wisps. The first taste delivers a primarily citrusy edge, but extends to touch upon delicate hop tannins, finishing with a faintly smokey air.

Best (ABV 3.7%)

A hand crafted amber ale, made using Dartmoor water, Dartmoor grown malted barley, our core range of English hop varieties and an excellent new hop variety giving a very drinkable dry hop citrus fruit character.

Dragons Breath (ABV 4.4%)

Flavoured with black treacle, Dragon’s Breath is a unique winter warmer beer that was launched in the snows of December 2010. Deep ruby-brown coloured, rich and full-bodied with a delicious aftertaste of morello cherries, this classic beer is available from October to April.

Gold (ABV 5.0%)

Dartmoor Gold has a zesty grapefruit hop flavour with citrus, tropical fruit and pine notes, with a smooth malt taste balancing the sharp citrus flavours. A traditional IPA with our core blend of English hop varieties with the addition of American Cascade and New Zealand Rakau.

IPA (ABV 4.0%)

A highly drinkable, light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of English hops that combine to create a superb spicy apple and citrus fruit flavour, finished off with a crisp, refreshing aftertaste and subtle hop aroma. Created alongside Jail Ale in 1994, this beer is known locally as Inmates Pale Ale! Dartmoor IPA is also the only Dartmoor branded beer brewed on the moor.

Jail Ale (ABV 4.8%)

A full-bodied, deep golden brown beer, Jail Ale has a well-rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste. We’re proud to have achieved many top awards with Jail Ale in the Premium Bitter categories at numerous beer festivals.

Legend (ABV 4.4%)

A classic cask-conditioned beer: smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish. Legend is golden brown in colour with an aroma of fresh baked bread and a hint of spice. Launched in 2010, this modern day beer represents the very best of traditional brewing.

Santa’s Secret (ABV 4.2%)

A delicious taste of apricots and aroma of Christmas spices – a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit.

Three Hares (ABV 4.4%)

A delicious golden-brown ale with a rich spicy taste of Dartmoor heather honey and a hint of apricots. Three Hares is made only with Dartmoor heather honey, which is in short supply, limiting the availability of the two jars required to create every cask of this award winning beer.

Exmoor Ales logo
Dark (ABV 4.2%)

A well-balanced dark beer with an enticing, spicy aroma and malty, slightly sweet, biscuity flavour, leading to a fruity aftertaste.

Gold (ABV 4.5%)

The nose is an interplay between a fresh bouquet of grassy and floral hop and a subtly soft, fluffy caramel-tinged maltiness. The palate sees more balance between gentle grainy maltiness and sprightly floral, citrusy fresh hop fruitiness. The finish is bittersweet with hints of citrus fruit weaving in and out.

Hound Dog (ABV 4.0%)

The hops are English Goldings and Slovenian Styrian Goldings, both of which offer distinctive citrus fruit notes. The nose pulsates with a surge of lemon and lime, while there is a light touch of toffee and vanilla on the palate followed by an exquisite balance of fruity hoppiness and malt on the long bittersweet finish.

Hanlons Brewery logo
Firefly (ABV 3.7%)

The perfect crisp amber session bitter, light on the palate and kind to the head.

Yellow Hammer (ABV 4.2%)

A light and refreshing golden ale that’s so flavour packed it’s bursting.

Best (ABV 4.0%)

Floral undertone but has been designed with a bitter finish.

Crack Shot (ABV 3.8%)

Nose: Tempting hop aroma with fruit notes; Palate: Good malt feel in the mouth, dry, tangy bitter finish; Delicious, easy drinking pale bitter.

Devon Dreamer (ABV 4.1%)

Nose: Fresh Golding smell; Palate: Lovely malt flavours with a light hop floral finish.

Half Bore (ABV 4.0%)

A Light Gold Speciality Ale. Nose: An unmistakable aroma of apples and fruit. Palate: Refreshing, sharp and hoppy with a hint of apples.

Honey Bunny (ABV 4.5%)

A hopping good Easter Special with lovely Devon honey.

Old Charlie (ABV 3.8%)

Tempting hop aroma with citrus, grapefruit and grassy notes. Malt feel in the mouth, with a dry and tangy bitter finish.

Premium (ABV 4.8%)

A Light Amber Premium Bitter. Nose: A bouquet of fresh hops. Palate: Rounded malt in the mouth with strong hop balance, deep bittersweet finish.

Ruckus (ABV 4.0%)

Mane Event (ABV 3.8%)

A modern session bitter underpinned by a complex malt profile and a fruity hop finish.

Pandit IPA (ABV 4.9%)

This ale is defined by the inviting aroma of citrusy and floral U.S. hop varieties. These flavours are complemented on the palate by a well defined, biscuity malt character.

Otter Ale (ABV 4.5%)

Otter Ale is a very well balanced beer that delivers the flavours of quality floor malted barley and finishes with a combination of fruit and some bitterness. Its nose is a balance of malt and fruit.

Otter Amber (ABV 4.0%)

Otter Amber was first brewed for the trade in March 2009 as a mid gravity beer to complete the Otter range. Otter Amber has all the qualities of other Otter beers but with a more complex mix of aroma and flavour.

Otter Autumn Ale (ABV 4.0%)

Chestnut coloured using Pacific gem hops and traditional English hops to deliver a hint of blackberry in the flavour as well as on the nose.

Otter Spring Bitter (ABV 4.0%)

A refreshing golden beer brewed using specially selected hops and malts to delivers a blend of spice and honey on a bed of French grass and Cedar.

The Coaster (ABV 4.0%)

A light and refreshing ale.

Whistle Blower (ABV 4.8%)

An appetising mid brown strong session ale.

Red Rock Brewery
Lighthouse (ABV 3.9%)

New pale ale which is proving very popular, gaining runner up place in the Bitters section at the South Devon CAMRA festival 2009. Dry finish with a floral hop nose and citrus palate.

Christmas Gold (ABV 4.0%)

A pale gold hoppy ale, light and easy to drink with a good citrus and floral aroma from Saaz, Cascade and Chinook hops.

Devonian (ABV 4.1%)

Amber colour ale, easy drinking with subtle bitterness from First Gold and Target hops with aroma from Styrian Goldings and Cascade providing a floral citrus finish.

Gold (ABV 4.2%)

A deep golden pale ale with subtle bitterness from First Gold hops plus Styrian Goldings with citrus fruit flavours from Cascade and Chinook hops giving way to a mouth lingering hoppyness.

Porterhead (ABV 4.4%)

Dark Ruby Ale brewed with chocolate and crystal malts for a full malty flavour with a light hoppy finish.

Salcombe Brewery logo
Gold (ABV 4.2%)

A light refreshing straw coloured ale, made with North American hops, to give a wonderful hop aroma and taste, with long hoppy finish.

Lifesaver (ABV 4.8%)

Lifesaver has a pleasant malty aroma with a smack of citrus and orange peel. With a luscious malty taste, dry citrus finish and the slightest touch of liquorice, Lifesaver is an ale not to be missed!

South Hams Brewery logo
Devon Pride (ABV 3.8%)

The roll of the hills, the snap of the clean air, and the bounty this glorious county offers, brimful in a beer that shouts to all who partake of its fresh taste – DEVON.

HMS Friendship (ABV 3.6%)
Hopnosis (ABV 4.5%)

Peace, love and hoppiness – all waiting to be discovered in this exciting beer, Hunter S. Thompson would no doubt open a bottle or two.

Wild Blonde (ABV 4.4%)

A beer not to get on the wrong side of! This femme fatale has guiles that will while away the wee small hours – just whistle as an equally famous blonde once said.

Summerskills Brewery logo
Best Bitter (ABV 4.3%)

A mid brown bitter with a fine crystal malt and hops character, a full malt flavour in the mouth and aromas of rich malts, nuts and hops.

Bolt Head (ABV 4.7%)

Ruby red premium beer. Sweet rum-like aroma, full fruit taste followed by a citrus orange finish.

Devon Dew (ABV 4.5%)

Honey yellow with a floral, clean malty aroma. Sweet lemon upfront with a long grapefruit finish, mildly hopped.

Plymhop (ABV 4.3%)

An ale made from hops grown locally in Plymstock. They are commercial varieties grown in a residential garden and go from vine to brew within 24 hours.

Start Point (ABV 3.7%)

Golden with a clean and fresh nose. Sweet upfront with a delicate bitter finish. An excellent session ale.

Stout (ABV 4.4%)

A rich tasting dark beer with combined flavours of Malt and Roasted Barley and hop undertones provided by Goldings and First Gold hops.

Turkey’s Delight (ABV 4.6%)

A dark amber moreish winter ale. Plenty of fruit on the aroma, roast malt flavours and a bittersweet finish.

Teignworthy Brewery logo
Gun Dog (ABV 4.3%)

A light bronze coloured ale, full of Golding Hops, which gives it a flower/fruity aromatic finish.

Neap Tide (ABV 3.8%)

A good, tasty, fruity bitter.

Old Moggie (ABV 4.4%)

This is a lovely golden ale with a good, hoppy, citrus taste.

Reel Ale (ABV 4.0%)

It has a clean, quenching taste and smooth finish. It is made with traditional floor-malted barley and a blend of English hops.

Santa’s Tale (ABV 4.1%)

A golden easy to drink brew, full of Golding hops.

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