Advance Assurance for the EIS arrives from HMRC !

We’ve finally had a letter from Her Majesties Revenue and Customs (HMRC) confirming that  we will qualify for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS), based on the information we supplied to them in our draft Share Prospectus and Business Plan (we applied for this Advance Assurance on 30th March).  Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd. has to ensure […]

Rally Round the Tally – part 6 !

There’s been more progress on the road to re-opening the Tally Ho recently. Littlehempston Community Pub Limited (LCPL) has been registered with the Financial Services Authority as an Industrial and Provident Society. You can download the Rules that govern LCPL from here. LCPL have “expressed an interest” in buying the Tally Ho to South Hams […]

Open Meeting for Community Space and Tally Ho

Please get to this meeting if you possibly can, as it’s your chance to have a say in two important aspects of village life – the Community Space in Littlehempston church and the proposal to establish the Tally Ho as a community pub. It’s on Tuesday 22nd January in the church, starting at 7pm. The […]

Rally Round the Tally – part 3 !

Another week has passed and a lot more has happened on the road to getting the Tally Ho re-opened as a thriving pub.  Following last week’s Extraordinary General Meeting of Littlehempston Parish Council (draft minutes available here), a huge amount of time and energy has been put into sending responses to the planning applications into […]

Rally Round the Tally – part 2 !

About 50 people attended the Extraordinary General Meeting of Littlehempston Parish Council on Wednesday 17th October to let the Parish Council know what they thought about the planning applications to turn the Tally Ho! into a private residence. A show of hands revealed that nobody at the meeting was in favour of the planning applications […]

Rally Round the Tally !

The owners of Littlehempston’s village pub, the Tally Ho, have applied for planning permission to convert it into a private house.  The notices were first spotted on Friday 28th September, and on Wednesday 3rd October about 15 concerned residents turned up at the parish council meeting.  The parish council decided to call an Extraordinary General […]

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