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Family Friendly Fridays, more Tax Rebates, and pictures

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Family Friendly Fridays

As a community pub the Tally Ho is keen to welcome people of every generation, so we are introducing a new idea to include families with children of all ages. Family Friendly Fridays are about giving busy parents a chance to relax with their friends at the end of the week while enjoying a healthy hearty meal, and knowing that their children will be safe and happy together. £6.95 per head (for adults and children) for a set meal. Children’s drinks and ice-cream included. Adults drinks extra.

The first Family Friendly Friday will be on the 26th September from 5.00pm to 7.00pm. Booking by Tuesday 23rd is essential - see below for the Tally Ho's contact details.

Tax Rebates

A few weeks ago we told you we'd sent out certificates and claim forms to allow our first 72 members to claim back 50% of their investment as tax rebates from HMRC under the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. We've now sent similar paperwork to another 67 members whose subscriptions were credited to our shareholders account before the 1st August 2014. These rebates are under the government’s Enterprise Investment Scheme and let shareholders claim back 30% of their investment.

The Pub-o-Meter on our website's Share offer pages shows that we've still got plenty of shares left at the moment. They should all qualify for that 30% refund too.


We've got quite a lot of pictures of the Tally on our website, but they've been rather hidden away in news items etc. up to now. To make them a bit more accessible we've added a Pictures page to the website with a link to it on the main menu. There you'll find links to galleries of about 100 pictures of the Tally Ho.


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