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My favorite Pub in England

We’ve had a great message from Fanie De Villiers, retired South African test cricketer:

“I am proud of you guys. Your pub is my favorite Pub in England.

I use to play cricket for Torq and visited the Pub with many friends and Fam over the last 25 years. Even brought the SA Test squad there in 94 when we played England.

Regards and good wishes from South Africa”

Littlehempston Community Pub Ltd. committee member Kathryn Hill remembers Fanie well when he played for Torquay, as at that time both her brother-in-law and cousin played for them too.

It’s a small world !

We haven't got the hump any more

The hump is no more !That awkward hump in the middle of the Tally’s car park that irritated so many of us isn’t there any more. It’s been lowered and smoothed out, and strong manhole covers have been fitted, so now you can easily use the whole car park when you come and visit us !